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Archival Research in the Digital Age

Response to this article about archival research in the digital age It's interesting to note the continuities in historians' approaches to increasingly digital archives. The questions they must ask of the archives, Milligan notes, remain basically the same: "Why were these records created? Who created or preserved them? And, what wasn't preserved?" The need to… Continue reading Archival Research in the Digital Age

1500 N Broad, Academic, Burk Mansion

1500 N. Broad: Significance

1500 N. Broad Street, known as the Alfred Burk House, is one of the last mansions of the Philadelphia North Broad Street Mansion District still standing. Designed by Simon and Bassett and constructed in 1907 by John Gill and Company, the building serves as an example of Late Urban Italian Renaissance style architecture. Burk’s mansion… Continue reading 1500 N. Broad: Significance

stack of newspapers
1500 N Broad, Academic, Burk Mansion

1500 N Broad: Newspaper

An April 5, 1984 article in the Philadelphia Daily News reported and advertised a community program addressing literacy in the city: Five centers to train illiterate, unemployed city residents to read were opened yesterday in a program sponsored by the School District and two area colleges. The one-year program, Centers for Literacy in the City,… Continue reading 1500 N Broad: Newspaper

1500 N Broad, Academic

1500 N Broad: Map

Composing a historical narrative using written documents and sources is a bit like making a collage. The historian collects pieces - theory, framework, records, articles, diaries, letters, photographs - and layers them together until they tell a story. The goal, of course, is to tell as complete and well-rounded a story as possible, taking into… Continue reading 1500 N Broad: Map

1500 N Broad, Academic

1500 N Broad: Impressions

  Philadelphia's Burk Mansion, a site currently protected by the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia and owned by Temple University, occupies the southmost portion of the block bordered on the east by Broad Street, the south by Jefferson Street, and the west by Carlisle Street. An impressive facade greets pedestrians and drivers passing by on… Continue reading 1500 N Broad: Impressions